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[MS_AccessPros] Re: Need to know how many of each digit in a series of unit numbers.


Hi Doyce

I'm not sure what format you want your output in, but you can use an array to count the digits and return the result in whatever format you like - for example:

Public Function CountDigits(ByVal Number As Long) As String
Dim aDigits(0 To 9) As Integer
Dim iDigit As Integer
Dim sResult As String
    iDigit = Abs(Number Mod 10)
    aDigits(iDigit) = aDigits(iDigit) + 1
    Number = Number \ 10
  Loop Until Number = 0
  For iDigit = 0 To 9
    If aDigits(iDigit) <> 0 Then
      sResult = sResult & aDigits(iDigit) & "x" & iDigit & ", "
    End If
  CountDigits = Left(sResult, Len(sResult) - 2)
End Function

Best wishes,
Graham [Access MVP 1996-2015]

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Hello Pros,

At my work, we are engaged in a project where we are replacing the unit numbers on groups of trailers. I need a function that will take the unit number and tell me how many of each digit there are, for example unit number 44095 has 1 zero, 2, fours, 1, five and 1 nine. All the unit numbers have five digits. I'm not sure how to approach this. I know how to extract each digit from the unit number and I assume I should use a select case statement to return the value. But I'm not sure how to put it together and get the totals back from the function. I appreciate all help I receive.




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