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RE: [MS_AccessPros] Update Multiple Values in one query


Hi Jim

This is a dangerous approach, because it can end up with meaningless junk in your mailing address fields.  For example, if your mailing address used only two of the AddrX fields, but your home address uses all four, you don't want MailAddr3 and MailAddr4 to be populated from HomeAddr3 and HomeAddr4!

It also creates a maintenance problem, because if the home address changes, how do you know whether or not to change the mail address?

A better approach would be to add a boolean field, DifferentMailAddress.  On your data entry form you can hide the mail address fields if that checkbox is not selected, and when you are generating mailing address labels etc, you can use IIf expressions in your query – for example:

IIf( [DifferentMailAddress], [Mail Addr1 Ld], [Home Addr1 Ld] ) AS [Addr1 Ld]

Best wishes,

Graham Mandeno [Access MVP 1996-2016]


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Hello all,

I have a table that has address fields. There are two sets of addresses which are Home and Mailing. Sort of like a business and a home address.

Because there are nulls in one the sets of addresses I want to put the values from the Home addresses into the Mailing address fields if the Mailing address fields are null.

Right now I have the following sql and it works but if I add the other fields nothing happens.

How do I write the query to update all of the fields in one query?

here are the fields

Home Addr1 Ld

Home Addr2 Ld

Home Addr3 Ld

Home Addr4 Ld

Home City Nm

Home Postal Cd

Home State Cd

Mail Addr1 Ld

Mail Addr2 Ld

Mail Addr3 Ld

Mail Addr4 Ld

Mail City Nm

Mail Postal Cd

Mail  State Cd


UPDATE tblEmployeeAddresses SET tblEmployeeAddresses.[Mail Addr1 Ld] = [Home Addr1 Ld]
WHERE (((tblEmployeeAddresses.[Mail Addr1 Ld])="-"));


Thank You

Jim Wagner


Posted by: "Graham Mandeno" <graham@mandeno.com>
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