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Re: [MS_AccessPros] Re: Convert Ribbon from Access 2007 to Access 2016


Ok I have generate xml file using accessribbon.de (versione 2016) but if I put it in USysRibbons table is ok, if load ribbons  with:

Application.LoadCustomUI "MyRibbon , xml_File

is not ok.

thanks a lot


2016-09-29 21:23 GMT+02:00 yahoo@craven.de [MS_Access_Professionals] <MS_Access_Professionals@yahoogroups.com>:

OK, so it's a multilingual reason,

I had similar situations and solved it in two different ways.

The first way is to use the callbacks to set the texts/labels in the ribbon dependaent on the language chosen. The language can in my case from a translation table. but you could use a table or further INI files.

The second was to import the ribbon xml into the USysRibbons Table and have the ribbon available by the next restart of the application. If the ribbon was called MyFormRibbon then there would be a MyFormRibbon_1031 for German, ..._1033 for US English, ..._1036 for French, etc.

Your third solution would be to generate new versions of the XML directly compatible with newer Access Versions. For this you could use one of the free or trial tools for Access Ribbons, analyse the differences in the XML generated, and edit your XML accordingly.



Posted by: Domenico Cozzolino <domcoz@gmail.com>
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