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[MS_AccessPros] Create row user log


Hello all,

We have a database that has 1 backend and 6 frontends. Someone keeps adding a blank record and no one is admitting it. I believe that it is either a bug or probably user error. I opt to think that it is user error.

I would like to create a user log for any new record being added to the table. I have part of the solution but a piece of the parts is doing something I am unsure of.

On the form load event for the form I have the following code to populate a text box named txtUser with the user log. this works wonderful. The issue is when I click the add new button on the form the record is added and the date and the log in are populated, but the txtUser control goes blank. I am then unable to use the add new record button to get the data to put in the table. I am unable to explain why the text goes away.

I added the same code for the environ to the form load event also and the text disappears in the control.

Is there something I am missing or I am on the wrong track going to the wrong town?

Thank You

Jim Wagner

Form Load Event

Private Sub Form_Load()

Me.txtUser = Environ("UserName")

End Sub


On the before update event of the form I have the following code

Private Sub Form_BeforeUpdate(Cancel As Integer)

CurrentDb.Execute "INSERT INTO [Essential Functions] (DateofEdit, User) " & _
   "Values(Date() + Time(),  '" & Me.txtUser.Value & "')", dbFailOnError
   Me.txtUser = Environ("UserName")

End Sub


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