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Re: [MS_AccessPros] Re: Convert Ribbon from Access 2007 to Access 2016



I load my ribbon using text file in my application 2007

<customUI xmlns="" onLoad="onRibbonLoad" loadImage="LoadImages">
    <ribbon startFromScratch="true">
            <tab id="tabCSD" label="Gestione Produzione ">
                <group id="grpNews" label="News">
                    <labelControl id="lblUtenteRete" getLabel="onGetLabel"/>
                    <labelControl id="lblWelcome" getLabel="onGetLabel"/>
                    <labelControl id="lblToday" getLabel="onGetLabel"/>
                     <labelControl id="lblPending" getLabel="onGetLabel"/>

                <group id="grpNavigation" label="Elenco Operazioni" visible="true">
                     <button id="cmdSezionatore" label="Sezionatore" getVisible = "GetVisible" getImage="getImages" size="large" tag="frm_frmSezionatore" onAction="onOpenObject" supertip=".."/>
                     <button id="cmdInterruttore" label="Interruttore" getVisible = "GetVisible" size="large" getImage="getImages" tag="frm_frmInterruttore" onAction="onOpenObject" supertip=".."/>

                     <button id="cmdGestAutoclave" label="Gestione Acq. AutoClave" getVisible = "GetVisible" size="large" getImage="getImages" tag="frm_frmManutenzioneAutoClave" onAction="onOpenObject" supertip=".."/>

                     <splitButton id="sbStampe" size="large">
                          <button id="cmdStampe" imageMso="PageSetupPageDialog"  label="Stampe"/>
                              <menu id="sbMnuReports" supertip="Elenco Stampe">
                                 <button id="cmdStampaMaga" label="Stampa............." imageMso="CreateReport" tag="frm_frmStampaProgramma" onAction="onOpenObject"/>

                <group id="grpExit" label="Exit">
                    <button id="cmdExitDatabase" label="Exit Database" imageMso="PrintPreviewClose" size="large" onAction="onCloseDatabase" 
                <group id="grpAbout" label="About"  visible="false">
                    <button id="cmdHelpAbout" label="About" size="large" imageMso="Help" onAction="onOpenFormEdit" tag="frmAbout" supertip="View the About form."/>

                <group id="grpInfo" label="Versione Programma">
                     <labelControl id="lblVersione" getLabel="onGetLabel" />



 is all ok but in access 2016, I do not receive any kind of error but I can not see my menu on the ribbon!!

thanks a lot for any help


2016-09-26 19:01 GMT+02:00 [MS_Access_Professionals] <>:

There are a number of changes in the format from 2007 to later versions. If you have a correctly formatted 2007 Version Access should deal with it appropriately (at least up until Access 2013)

In a 2007 Ribbon you see

<customUI xmlns="" onLoad="OnRibbonLoad" loadImage="LoadImages">

at the beginning whereas a later version (2013?) shows:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
onLoad="OnRibbonLoad" loadImage="LoadImages">

If I remember correctly, I used a tool (IDBE Ribbon Creator?) to convert the old to new formats but it is some time ago now...



Posted by: Domenico Cozzolino <>
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