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Re: [MS_AccessPros] GetSetting



I found this about the GetSetting function:


If any of the items named in the GetSetting arguments do not exist, GetSetting returns a value of Default.
Because it operates under the HKEY_LOCAL_USER registry key, which is not active until a user logs on interactively, GetSettingrequires that a user be logged on.
Registry settings that are to be accessed from a non-interactive process (such as Mtx.exe) should be stored under either the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\ or the HKEY_USER\DEFAULT\Software registry keys.
So, if the key you're requesting isn't in HKEY_LOCAL_USER, you won't find it.

You could try using the Windows API to read the value.  You can find info about how to do it in VBA here:

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On Sep 20, 2016, at 5:09 AM, patrinod <> wrote:

I have an Access application where I shell out to Irfanview which worked quite well until encountering someone who had the 64 bit version installed.

Irfanview uses the file name I_view32.exe for the 32 bit version and I_view64.exe for the 64 bit version.

I thought I could use "GetSetting" to look in the registry to get the path and executable file name.

In the registry, under Irfanview there is a key shell with a subkey open and a subkey command.

The data value under the subkey command contains the path and file name.

I've tried using Msgbox getsetting("irfanview","open", "command") and variations.

I've guess I don't understand the section and key parameters I need to get this to work Has anyone used the getsetting function successfully and can help out or is there a better way to get the path and file name for a program?





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