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Re: [MS_AccessPros] Re: INSPECTION


Simply put, I am trying to see how to use Access to make combinations of possibilities .

In the instant case, if a batch consists of 6 items at once, to ensure you are able to catch a batch that has 6 defectives, you need to have 3,003 inspections. This is easier as this consists of all the possibilities

What I am interested in is ensuring that a batch that has 5 defectives must not escape if 5 are present among the 14 . In this case you will need to have 371 inspections. How to have these theoretical possibilities laid out as combinations in Access is what I am aiming at.



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I'm not sure I've understood your situation properly but one trick I use for such cases is that in Access a comparison returns 0 or -1 for false or true.

You use the term "lot" for a "row" of six items but also seem to use it for the whole "batch".

Let's take the simplest case of rejecting a "lot" when it has five "bad" items then, symbolically,
Reject = ((Item1 = Bad) + (Item2 = Bad) + ... (Item6 = Bad)) <= -5

Purists might want to take ABS() of the "booleans" in order to turn minus one into plus one  and then to be able to compare to plus five. This also has the advantage of working when applied to other environments where "true" is just 1 rather than -1.

Yours, Andrew


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