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[MS_AccessPros] Re: system resource exceeded on ddl


Forgive me if this is a duplicate post. I thought I posted this about 30 minutes ago but it didn't show up.

When you start using SQL Server databases check out ApexSQL tools. They have some free ones that I find very useful. http://www.apexsql.com/Download.aspx


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Thanks Andrew. Good stuff.


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Good news Liz,


if you are going to start getting into SQL Server one day then you might want to work on the naming conventions early ;-)


Out of old habit, if my SQL Databases are going to be linked to anything like Access, I use "aaaaa" as prefix for the Primary Key index because older versions took the alphabetically first unique Key as the primary key. I'm not keen on prefixes otherwise, I'm more of a postfix type and Indexes tend to get called [Tablename_Fieldname_idx] which is usually unique.


As for caSe-senSitive, SQL Server can be either, depending on how it is installed and configured. T-SQL might not correct the capiTalisaTion of your coding as VBA does so you can end up with a piece of code working on a SQL Server with CI (Case Insensitve) sorting but not working when transfered to a production CS (Case Sensitive) Server.


Oh, be careful transferring code l! inking on Access DATE fields to SQL Server DATETIME Fields. Depending on how the fields are filled you can end up with values which won't JOIN because of value differences in the thousandths of a second on SQL Server.




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