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Re: [MS_AccessPros] INSPECTION


That's 7 x 53, another prime number. How did you work that out? If we knew your method it would help to understand what you want. Also how did you get 3,003 in your other email?
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Hi Dave, i made a mistake. It should be 371 combinations.


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How do you work out 579? It's 3 x 193 (a prime number), so does not come from ratios of factorials normally involved in numbers of combinations.
Dave W
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Subject: [MS_AccessPros] INSPECTION

Hi all,

i am looking for help with a code for combinations for an inspection problem which can be generalized to similar problems.

Suppose there are 14 items to checked for defects in lots of 6 each. The idea is to be able to  catch a lot with 5 defectives if that lot contains 5 defectives. I know combination wise, this should give 579 combinations.

Is there any way this can be handled in MSAccess ?




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