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[MS_AccessPros] Re: MZ Tools no longer freeware


Thanks for the heads-up Bill.

Now that we get *all* Platforms of the tool for the one price, the $60 is a really good deal and much more conducive to paying than the old "donate" scheme for the aging 3.x VBA Version.

Really, the $60 is nothing compared to the use you can get out of the tool.

I haven't used all features I used to use in 3.x yet and certainly haven't explored the new features yet (even though some of the .net platform features looked mouthwatering when the two platform versions diverged.) There might be some less-than-pleasant experiences with some features as everything has been rewritten compared to the 3.x Version. So, for anyone concerned that the new version is going to be more complex or simply "different" then I encourage you to licence the 8.x Version anyway and continue using the 3.x for older systems whilst you checkout the new version on a new system.

Oh, Bill, did you check the licence agreement on the 3.x version? Many tools, even free ones, have an explicit licence clause disallowing "distribution" by anyone other than the author or their partners. Although I don't think he'll have a problem with it, It might be worth asking the author, just in case.



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