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RE: [MS_AccessPros] Re: system resource exceeded on ddl


Friends.  Thanks John, Bill, and A.


I like the idea of copying just the data and they re-indexing from there.


Same name – I forget sometimes that VBA is not case sensitive like C#.


StartDate is a date, but I am honing in on data that matches employee hours by date from separate tables.


Our company has plenty of sql servers, but since I am shadow IT I had to go a different route.  There is a CER but I don't know the status as my boss has been away.  There is no way that doing the company workstation, sql express, etc. would work as we have citrix and an intranet.  There would be no way to do that.


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Hi Liz,


the first thing I would do is try to stop calling objects by the same name ;-)


Have you tried:


CREATE INDEX xStartDate on MainFull (StartDate)


Secondly, you are going to link to another table on a field called "StartDate", what field type is this?


As for SQL Server, surely a company like yours has the resourc! es to supply SQL Server on a shared resource basis? That is to say, you either get just a database in a SQL Server where others have their Databases, or an Instance on a server where others have their Instances.


If getting a resource in a shared environment is not the real problem but the price is... just between you, me and the internet, I know some projects that get an old workplace machine and temporary Administrative Access for the machine, long enough to install SQL Server Express (including tools). In an environment which has heavy regulatory requirements this could be a sacking offence but some people find it easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. 0:-)


Yrs, A


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