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RE: [MS_AccessPros] Re: Access to Outlook (365) email won't send, but only for some



That's the beauty of a split database. Front ends are disposable!

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I have a similar setup and occasionally find that someone's front end is not working properly and so I delete their front end and reload a copy off the server and it fixes their problems too. Glad it's working for you now.


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I checked all of the permissions and they all have full/send as to that mailbox.

Out of curiosity I checked to see what file everyone had on their comp.  I have a back file that checks the version, if it's different than what the user has, it deletes their file and copies a new one, so everyone should be on the same file. 

I checked and everyone had a file with the same name in the folder it's supposed to be in.  So as sort of a "why not?" move, I changed the version and told everyone to log out and log back in, and now it works for everyone. I have no explanation for this, everyone had the same file with the same properties to begin with, and it worked for 2 but not others.  All I did was change the name of the source file, updated the batch file to match, and it works for everyone now.  *shrug*


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