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RE: [MS_AccessPros] Order Lines Totals Query


Thanks John, you gave me a good nudge in the right direction there.

I already had the LEFT JOIN, but was Grouping and Ordering on the Order-Lines.Order-Number rather than Order-Header.Order-Number & just didn't see it.  Using Nz converts everything to zero rather than showing blank fields in the query output which is just what I wanted.





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Use a LEFT JOIN from Order-Headers to Order-Lines, then use NZ to convert your totals calculation to zero if there are no rows before you do the Sum.


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Hi All,
I'm scratching my head with this one, but i'm sure someone here will have a solution.
I have an Access database with Order-Headers and Order-Lines in a Parent/Child relationship linked on the Order-Number.  The Order-Lines table has fields for Order-Number, Item-Number, Qty, Item-Cost, Items-Net, %Markup, VAT, Items-Gross & some other descriptive fields.  I want to create a query that shows the Order-Number plus the totals for all the items on that order.  This I can do easily enough; where I'm stuck is how to get the query to show totals for any orders that have no lines.  I realise that the Totals for an order with no lines will be all zero, but I need to see them in the query results.

Any help greatly appreciated.




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