Rabu, 17 Februari 2016

[MS_AccessPros] Datepart not available



I have one PC running an accde file that errors when a particular form is opened with this error message:

Function is not available in expressions in query expression '(((DatePart("yyyy",[ORDDTE_27]))>=Year(Date())-1)'. The particular form opens on every other PC using the same copy of the ACCDE file. The database is split and each user has their own accde file on their PC. Here is the SQL of the form's record source:

SELECT [SO Master].ORDNUM_27, [SO Master].COMNT2_27, [SO Master].COMNT3_27, [SO Master].CUSTID_27, [SO Master].CUSTPO_27, [SO Master].ORDDTE_27, [SO Master].COMNT1_27, DatePart("yyyy",[ORDDTE_27]) AS CurYear
FROM [SO Master]
WHERE (((DatePart("yyyy",[ORDDTE_27]))>=Year(Date())-1));



Posted by: winberry.doyce@roadsysinc.com
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