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[MS_AccessPros] Getting required values on Sales Form


Hi John,
I am working on my new Database "QA"

There are lots of questions i have to ask and I hope as you helped me and guided in the past
till now, you will help me here too. The client for whom i am developing this database is 
pressing me hard to complete it urgently.

This is basically for a whole sale dealer's shop for "Battries, UPS and related items to them".

I have made "ItemFile" for items
ItemCode----> PK

For Purchase i have imported Form "Orders" from Northwind database and its relevant queries etc;
and modified/renamed to my requirements, and named it Form "Purchases" which is working OK.

For Sale later on and this is little complicated. On the Form "Item File" on Text box "ItemCost"
After Update event i am calling Function "SaleRates" and inserting values from this function on 
the form. (I will paste Function SaleRates() at the end).
Now i am not sure my this logic is appropriate to bring values on this form or not,
but any how the values are coming correct. The reason for which i am not sure is that further
i have to use these values on Form "Sales" and i am not getting any idea to use them there.

The requirement on Form "Sales" will be  to get "Sales Date" as =Now(), Credit Note as (Autonumber)
entering "ItemCode" getting "ItemDescription" from combo box "ItemCode" then "SaleQty" then asking
user to select:
Registered whole Seller
UnRegistered whole Seller
on selection i want to get value, which i have defined in my Function SaleRates()
This would be SaleCost of item and get TotalSaleCost of that item.

Should i Save as my Form "Purchases" to Form "Sales" and modify it, if so ? how can i get SaleCost
for the selection used.
Please guide and help. I am pasting below Function SaleRates(), also is it correct to use this Function
OR there is some other better way for this.
Function SaleRates()
    'Calculating 'SaleCostRetail'
    Dim VarItemCost6pc As Integer   ' pc used to abbrv. % (percent)
    VarItemCost6pc = ItemCost.Value * 0.06
    SaleCost6pc.Value = ItemCost.Value - VarItemCost6pc
    Dim VarGST17pc As Integer
    VarGST17pc = SaleCost6pc.Value * 0.17
    GST17pc.Value = VarGST17pc
    Dim VarTax2pc As Integer
    VarTax2pc = SaleCost6pc.Value * 0.02
    Tax2pc.Value = VarTax2pc
    SaleCostRetail.Value = ItemCost.Value + GST17pc.Value + Tax2pc.Value + Misc.Value
    'Calculating discounted rates for Registered whole Seller
    'Calculating 'DiscountRegistered2pc'
    Dim Var2pcItemCost As Integer
    Var2pcItemCost = ItemCost.Value * 0.02
    DiscountRegistered2pc.Value = ItemCost - Var2pcItemCost + GST17pc.Value + Tax2pc.Value
    'Calculating 'DiscountRegistered3pc'
    Dim Var3pcItemCost As Integer
    Var3pcItemCost = ItemCost.Value * 0.03
    DiscountRegistered3pc.Value = ItemCost - Var3pcItemCost + GST17pc.Value + Tax2pc.Value
    'Calculating 'DiscountRegistered4pc'
    Dim Var4pcItemCost As Integer
    Var4pcItemCost = ItemCost.Value * 0.04
    DiscountRegistered4pc.Value = ItemCost - Var4pcItemCost + GST17pc.Value + Tax2pc.Value
    'Calculating 'DiscountRegistered5pc'
    Dim Var5pcItemCost As Integer
    Var5pcItemCost = ItemCost.Value * 0.05
    DiscountRegistered5pc.Value = ItemCost - Var5pcItemCost + GST17pc.Value + Tax2pc.Value
    'Calculating 'DiscountRegistered6pc'
    Dim Var6pcItemCost As Integer
    Var6pcItemCost = ItemCost.Value * 0.06
    DiscountRegistered6pc.Value = ItemCost - Var6pcItemCost + GST17pc.Value + Tax2pc.Value
    'Calculating 'DiscountRegistered7pc'
    Dim Var7pcItemCost As Integer
    Var7pcItemCost = ItemCost.Value * 0.07
    DiscountRegistered7pc.Value = ItemCost - Var7pcItemCost + GST17pc.Value + Tax2pc.Value
    'Calculating 'DiscountRegistered8pc'
    Dim Var8pcItemCost As Integer
    Var8pcItemCost = ItemCost.Value * 0.08
    DiscountRegistered8pc.Value = ItemCost - Var8pcItemCost + GST17pc.Value + Tax2pc.Value
    'Calculating discounted rates for Un-Registered whole Seller
    'Calculating 'Discount Un-Registered2pc'
    Dim VarExtraTax2pc As Integer
    VarExtraTax2pc = SaleCost6pc.Value * 0.02
    ExtraTax2pc.Value = VarExtraTax2pc
    DiscountUnRegistered2pc.Value = ItemCost - Var2pcItemCost + GST17pc.Value + Tax2pc.Value + ExtraTax2pc.Value
    'Calculating 'Discount Un-Registered3pc'
    DiscountUnRegistered3pc.Value = ItemCost - Var3pcItemCost + GST17pc.Value + Tax2pc.Value + ExtraTax2pc.Value
    'Calculating 'Discount Un-Registered4pc'
    DiscountUnRegistered4pc.Value = ItemCost - Var4pcItemCost + GST17pc.Value + Tax2pc.Value + ExtraTax2pc.Value
    'Calculating 'Discount Un-Registered5pc'
    DiscountUnRegistered5pc.Value = ItemCost - Var5pcItemCost + GST17pc.Value + Tax2pc.Value + ExtraTax2pc.Value
    'Calculating 'Discount Un-Registered6pc'
    DiscountUnRegistered6pc.Value = ItemCost - Var6pcItemCost + GST17pc.Value + Tax2pc.Value + ExtraTax2pc.Value
    'Calculating 'Discount Un-Registered7pc'
    DiscountUnRegistered7pc.Value = ItemCost - Var7pcItemCost + GST17pc.Value + Tax2pc.Value + ExtraTax2pc.Value
    'Calculating 'Discount Un-Registered8pc'
    DiscountUnRegistered8pc.Value = ItemCost - Var8pcItemCost + GST17pc.Value + Tax2pc.Value + ExtraTax2pc.Value
End Function



Posted by: Khalid Tanweer <khalidtanweerburrah@yahoo.com>
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