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RE: [MS_AccessPros] Re: programming the "find" window location



That difference is that any control in the detail section is really a copy on that control for each row. In other words, if you select a value in an unbound control for one record all the records will have that control with that value.

Putting it in the form header assures a unique unbound control for the entire form.

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Question for Bill or one of the other pros, is there a difference whether this combo box lookup is put in the header section or the detail section? I understand the difference in a header section and detail section in a report but I'm not sure what difference there is between a header section on a form and the detail section.


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Thanks Bill!  I'll check it out. 


First I gotta fix a new project that went over 2 gb.  I'm in line for an sql server for it, but in the interim I have to fix this issue.


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here is a simple one using a combo box in the main form's header:


Private Sub cboSearch_AfterUpdate()

    Dim rs As DAO.Recordset


    If Len(Me.cboSearch & vbNullString) = 0 Then Exit Sub


    Set rs = Me.Recordset

    rs.FindFirst "ProjectNum=" & Me.cboSearch


    'Clear search box

    cboSearch = Null   

    Set rs = Nothing

End Sub



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Hello Bill!  You know, I didn't know I could do it this other way.  If I put controls in the forms header the code that corresponds to that wouldn't be the f&r header?

I'm just using code that had been built from the wizards and never pursued any other method.  Wow.


What does your code look like behind the forms header controls?


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Hi Liz


No, I don't think so. You will have to make your own find & replace form or put the controls in the form's header. That's the way I usually do it. Why are you automatically opening the F&R window?



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Pros, is there! a way to force the location for the find window that pops up?

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Good Morning Liz,


When we open Back Shop Tracker we immediately open the FIND THE WO TO EDIT at the top left of the screen. It then opens another smaller window called FIND AND REPLACE. When this window opens, it opens right in the middle top portion of the screen. A weird place! We then have to drag it over to the empty space to the right where I illustrate in the attached file. Is it a problem to change the code so that when we open that tab, it automagically appears in THIS location? No a huge problem in the scope of life's issues, but it would make it nicer and cleaner for us.

Thank you kindly, Now enjoy your Friday!



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