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Re: [MS_AccessPros] Am I in over my head?


Short answer: YES!

The trick is getting it on mobile.  FileMaker can do it - but it's expensive.  Access *might* be able to do it with a web app, but you'd need a Windows Sharepoint server at your disposal.

Sorry to be such a downer, but IMO the technology isn't there yet to make it easy to build a mobile solution using Access.

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Completely new to databases here but I think that their application can be pretty useful and would make for a cool summer project. I'm interning for a construction company over summer break right now and one of my tasks is to log expenses and labor hours. I think I can leave a pretty good impression if I'm able to pull this off and I would appreciate any help/ pointing me in the right direction/ useful resources. When I'm not interning the guys onsite have to do this task which is pretty time consuming alongside their other duties. I'd like to make timesheet entry and purchase tracking as fast as possible, and get it on mobile for them. The process for tracking a cost at my company goes like this:

We have many projects, which have a project number and project location. From there we have different jobs within the project. (Project logistics/ concrete/ different categories of what is going on in the project. Each job has a description and a job number. Beneath project jobs we have phase codes, which are different tasks within a job. Each phase code has a number and a description. 

Now we get into purchase orders. Purchase orders are "slips" from different vendors that are assigned to the phase codes. However, one purchase order can have multiple phase codes. I.e. a purchase order for the concrete job of the library project can pertain to concrete slab formwork, and wall formwork. Then, inside each purchase order you have the individual purchases with their quantity and total cost.

For now, I would like to get a form going that allows the user to select which job they're submitting (but without having to think about the project number/ location) from a list, select the job from a list without having to worry about the number, select the phase code without having to think about the number, then put in a new purchase order that automatically has a number assigned to it and just put in their name, the vendor, then put in all the items purchased.

All I have available to me is access right now. But I am a student and I feel I could get quite a bit of software for trial pretty easily. I've read Crystal Long's documents in the side bar and tried to show a design on vertabelo here:

Certain phase codes also have labor input. I'd like to figure out how to generate a report on a weekly basis on how many hours each employee spent on a job& phase code, but also generate a report on how much total time from all employees was spent on a specific job&phasecode.

Any help would be appreciated, and if this is the wrong application for an access database let me know! 

Thanks guys.


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