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[MS_AccessPros] Re: Am I in over my head?


Hi James,

Thanks for the insight! I've got playing with data down after, but the biggest thing I'm trying to do is find a better way to collect the data. I want a fast way to say that I bought 3 nails for the 12345-90 phase code in the -30 job for $4 from Home Depot, for the Library project also known as 12345. Each header has a number associated with it, I'm looking to get rid of that because at my internship I have to look those numbers up and its kind of time consuming. I just want to establish a relationship between the numbers and names, then have a form with a series of dropdown boxes that only have the names to click through.

Ideally it would go like this: 

I need to enter purchase order from home depot for 4 nails and one hammer from July 11 2016. I open up the purchase order form and click the first drop down box, which would open a list of projects that the company has going on. I select the library job. The drop down box below that recognizes that its the library job and lists the jobs that are going on at the library (Concrete, Furniture Install, Seeding the lawn). I click concrete, then the drop down box below recognizes the concrete job and lists all of the phase codes associated with the concrete job. I click the formwork option. Then there are a series of fields for the name of the item, the date purchased, the quantity, the amount, and who purchased them. Ideally you could enter multiple items at once. This would be huuuge! 




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