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[MS_AccessPros] Re: Database Size


Hi Sarah

Sometimes a form gets worked on so many times that it bloats the code page. Every control that is added to the form is kept in the metadata whether you delete it or not. This is true of other metadata in the form when it is edited in any way. Eventually, all this junk becomes prone to fragmenting.

One way to fix the issue (other than the way you did it) is as follows.
  1. first make a backup copy of the database jus tin case something goes wrong.
  2. If you have code associated with the problem form copy all of it into a NotePad text file and save it.
  3. While in that form's design view find the Property "Has Module". Change it to No and save the form.
  4. Compact the database.
  5. Open the form and change the Has Module property back to Yes. Open the code page and paste in the code from the text file you made earlier.
  6. Save the form.
  7. Compact the database again.
If that did not help decompile the database following thet instructions at http://www.fmsinc.com/microsoftaccess/performance/decompile.asp

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---In MS_Access_Professionals@yahoogroups.com, <sarahk@schemesoftware.com> wrote :

I am working on a new database. It is a linked database and is relatively small: 10 tables, 10 forms, a few reports. All of a sudden the db 'ballooned'  from approx 10 MB to 112 MB, I ran a compact and repair and it went down to 42MB. I then imported all objects to a new database. but the new database is even larger:130MB.

After I compacted and repaired, i also made a new MDE. The old MDE was 3.2 MB, the new one is 38MB.

This happend as I was in middle of working on a form: redefining the child/master definition on a subform to a form. the 'wheel' starting spinning for a very long time and the database inflated.

I went back to a saved copy , and redefined the the child/master definition. I compacted the DB and it is now 5MB.

What did I do? What happended? I am looking to avoid this in the future.



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