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RE: [MS_AccessPros] Re: subform design time issue



When I have a tab control with subforms I dynamically load the Source Object (subform) using the tab control's Change event. A Select Case is good for that.

Private Sub TabCtl225_Change()
    Dim strSQL As String

    If gbolErrorTrapOff = False Then On Error GoTo err_PROC

    'Save record before any child records are entered.
    If Me.Dirty Then Me.Dirty = False
    If Me.frmProjResources_sub.Form.Dirty Then Me.frmProjResources_sub.Form.Dirty = False

    Select Case Me.TabCtl225
        Case 1
            '            Me.frmTotalHrs_ProjAct_ByRole_sub.SourceObject = "frmTotalHrs_ProjAct_ByRole_sub"
            '            Me.frmTotalHrs_ProjAct_ByRole_sub.LinkChildFields = "ProjectNum"
            '            Me.frmTotalHrs_ProjAct_ByRole_sub.LinkMasterFields = "ProjectNum"
            '            Me.frmTotalHrs_ProjAct_ByRole_sub.Requery
        Case 2
        Case 4
            '            Me.frmRFS_DocStatus_sub.SourceObject = "frmRFS_DocStatus_sub"
            '            Me.frmRFS_DocStatus_sub.LinkChildFields = "ProjectNum"
            '            Me.frmRFS_DocStatus_sub.LinkMasterFields = "ProjectNum"
            '            Me.frmRFS_DocStatus_sub.Requery
        Case 5, 6
            strSQL = "SELECT qryEmpInfo.FullName " _
                     & "FROM tblResources INNER JOIN qryEmpInfo ON tblResources.EmpID = qryEmpInfo.EmpID " _
                     & "WHERE ProjectNum = " & Me.ProjectNum _
                     & " AND tblResources.ActiveInProj <> 0 " _
                     & "ORDER BY FullName"
            Me.frmActivities_sub.Controls("cboResourceID").RowSource = strSQL
            Me.frmCriticalIssues_sub.Controls("cboOwner").RowSource = strSQL
    End Select

    On Error Resume Next
    Exit Sub

    Dim strErrMsg As String
    Dim lngIconBtn As Long

    Select Case Err.Number
        Case 2046
            'Ignore "can't move to rec" error or "Save not available now".
        Case Else
            gProcName = "TabCtl225_Change"
            glngErrNum = Err.Number
            gstrErrDescr = Err.Description
            glngLineNum = Erl
            Call ErrorLog("Form_frmMasterView")
    End Select

    If strErrMsg <> "" Then MsgBox strErrMsg, lngIconBtn, _
       GetSummaryInfo("Title", False)

    Resume exit_PROC

End Sub

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Hello Bill, I decompile quite regularly, and it doesn't seem to make any difference.  The record sources can be simple tables too. 

Thanks though. 


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I've seen this slowdown when working with complex queries as RecordSources. Just to test, remove the RecordSources from the subs and move through the forms. If the slowness is gone then the problem lies in the fact that Access actually re-queries the subs with every focus change. Annoying but that's life.


One thing you might try is to decompile the database. Instructions here at FMS. Then compact. Then open your recordsource queries and make a little change. Save them. Undo your changes and save again. This forces Access to re-compile the queries.


I don't know if any of that will help you but I've used that technique in the past and it helped quite a bit.



Bill Mosca, Founder - MS_Access_Professionals

Microsoft Office Access MVP

My nothing-to-do-with-Access blog


---In MS_Access_Professionals@yahoogroups.com, <liz_ravenwood@beaerospace.com> wrote :

Does anyone including Microsoft understand how painstaking slow it is to move from subform to subform in design mode?  Is it just me?  Is it because I'm running it within Citrix?

I've worked these databases for 10 years and it was slow with 2002, slower with 2007, and even slower with 2010.  It takes sometimes as long as 5-10 minutes for the control to get the focus and display the properties with which to work.



Liz Ravenwood

Programmer / Analyst

B/E Aerospace | Super First Class Environments




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