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RE: [MS_AccessPros] Having issue with gotorecord in access 2010/2013


The Find_SkipRecord determines which questions have been skipped (works).  I miss spoke about adding the line

  DoCmd.GoToRecord , Record:=acFirst
it causes the same issue.

I did notice that the error appears to only happen when I am debugging code and not when the app is run normally.  That does not make sense to me.

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What does the procedure Find_SkipRecord do?


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Subject: [MS_AccessPros] Having issue with gotorecord in access 2010/2013


I am developing a test/survey app.  The questions are a randomized subset of questions.  Each question in the test needs to be answered.  I track the number of questions in the test are left blank then will represent the questions at the end so the user can try again.   The issue is when I try to go back to the question I get the following error:


Error 2046: The command or action 'GoToRecord' isn't available now.


the following is the code be used  the issue occurs in the following seqment:

         If lngSkip > 0 Then
            boolRedisplay = True
            MsgBox " lngTe! stRcd = " & lngTestRcd
            Dim tmpr As Long
            tmpr = 3
            DoCmd.GoToRecord , "frmTest", Record:=tmpr


Not sure what is causing the error.  The tmpr variable is being used as a test for the code.  I added a line

         DoCmd.GoToRecord , Record:=acFirst

just after the "if" statement with no issues.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



==============complete routine===========================================

Private Sub Cmd_Submit_Click()
Dim dbs As Database
Dim ctl As Control
Dim tmpName As String
Dim tmpAns As Long
Dim boolAns As Boolean

On Error GoTo Err! orHandler

   Set dbs = CurrentDb(! )
   ' Determine which option is selected
   For Each ctl In Me.Controls
     If ctl.ControlType = acCheckBox Then
       tmpName = ctl.Name
       If (Me.Controls(tmpName)) Then
          tmpAns = CLng(Mid(tmpName, 7))
       End If
     End If
   Next ctl
   'Compare answer to correct answer
   If (tmpAns = lngCorrectAns) Then
      MsgBox "Correct"
      boolAns = True
      Me.Controls("Option" & Trim(Str(lngCorrectAns))).SetFocus
      MsgBox "That is incorrect. The answer is: " & vbCrLf _
  &n! bsp;         & Me.Controls("Option" & Trim(Str(lngCorrectAns))).Text
      boolAns = False
   End If
   If Not boolRedisplay Then
      ' Write data to complete registration
      dbs.Execute "INSERT INTO tblTestHistory (lngEmployeeID, lngQClassID, ID_Question, lngCorrectAns, lngUserAns, boolCorrect, strTestDate, lngSession) " _
           & "VALUES (" & ID.Value & ", " & Class.Value & ", " & Question.Value & ", " & lngCorrectAns & ", " & tmpAns & ", " & boolAns & ", '" & Date & "', " & Session.Value & ");"
  &n! bsp;
      If CurrentRecord < Recordset! Clone.RecordCount Then
         ' Next Record
         DoCmd.GoToRecord , "frmTest", Record:=acNext, Offset:=1
         If lngSkip > 0 Then
            boolRedisplay = True
            MsgBox " lngTestRcd = " & lngTestRcd
            Dim tmpr As Long
            tmpr = 3
            DoCmd.GoToRecord , "frmTest", Record:=tmpr
  &nbs! p;         DoCmd.Close acForm, "frmTest", acSaveNo
            DoCmd.OpenForm "frmUserTestResults", acNormal
         End If
      End If
      ' Update existing record lngTestRcd
      dbs.Execute "Update tblTestHistory (SET  ([lngUserAns] = " & tmpAns & ", [boolCorrect] = " & boolAns & ") " _
           & "WHERE ([ID_History] = " & lngTestRcd & ");"
      lngSkip = lngSkip - 1
      If lngSkip > 0 Then
 &nb! sp;       DoCmd.GoToRecord , Record:=acFi! rst
      End If
   End If

    On Error GoTo 0
    Exit Sub
    Call LogError(Err.Number, Err.Description, "frmTest-Cmd_Submit")
    Resume ExitPoint
End Sub



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