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Are you doing this in code behind the run button? Or are you using expressions in the control source property for the text boxes on the report?

I was setting the default value (source property)  of the report fields to fields in the form.


I would like to know how to do this behind the run button, or what I will have labeled as the  “Open Report” button. 


Is the numeric value of the combo box used elsewhere on the report?

The numberic value is not use anywhere on the report.  The report is just a Paper document that us used to track work flow.  However, the plan is to possibly have the numeric value on the form used to append to another record where is will be stored.





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I have a few unbound fields on a form.  Once the fields are filled in the user can click a button and a report opens with some of the fields already populated with the text from the unbound fields on the form.  It was actually working pretty good until I changed a few of the unbound filed to Combo boxes.  Now the user selects a value from the combo box.  However when the report is opened I am getting an error, which I expected.  What I want is to still show the text attached to the number behind the combo box. 


So agent 2 is Bill, based on the table the combo box uses,   If  “Bill” is selected from the combo box, I know the value the combo box is holding is “2” which is what I want, but is there any way to open a form and pull the text “Bill” rather than the value 2?


There is no query or table behind the form as I do not want to store the values there.  The unbound field will also be use to append some of the data to other tables, which is why I need the combo boxes, as that matches the data type of the table the data may be moved to.






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