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[MS_AccessPros] Re: upgrade to sqlserver, help needed


Crystal - you have to use dbSeeChanges for any recordset using SQL tables that have IDENTITY columns (AutoNumber). And you have to refresh links to SQL tables if you make a design change. What I do is have a local table with a datetime field that is checked against a back end table. When I make a design change in a SQL table I update the back end. Using the startup form's Activate event, I compare and force a relink if necessary.

    'Check if tables have changed since last Relink.
    'SQL links do not refresh automatically.
    If Nz(DMax("DateRelinked", "tblRelink"), 0) _
            < DMax("DateDesignChange", "DesignChange") Then
        Call RelinkSQLTablesDAO(True, False, Me.Name)
    End If

Taking it one more step, if you make a change in a SQL table that is a member of a view, you hve to refresh the view within SQL and then force a relink in the Access front end.

All of the above should indicate to you how important it is to plan out your database design well in advance so you are not constantly making design changes during development.

Bill Mosca, Founder - MS_Access_Professionals
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Hi Bill,

1. Is it ok to use dbSeeChanges when setting rs for tables that are in Access? I may not know where they are ...

2. If a column changes in SS, will the table relink when Access is opened again?

thanks for the article, Bill


~ have an awesome day ~

On 11/11/2016 10:12 AM, [MS_Access_Professionals] wrote:

Most of my Access applications use linked SQL tables. You can treat them just like Access tables. You don't need to use pass-through queries in most cases. Just regular Access queries. That lets you use all your functions as you normally would. Having an Access front end gives you the power of VBA.

There are a few things to understand about using SQL tables. I've written an article concerning this topic.


 Look for the article titled "Working with SQL Server Linked Tables: The Hidden Gotchas"

Sorry about the anchor links not working...Another "MS broke my site" issue.

Bill Mosca, Founder - MS_Access_Professionals
My nothing-to-do-with-Access blog

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Dear pro's,

My mscaccess database has grown  so much that I need to upgrade to SQL server.

I am in need of some guidelines,  is there a or tutorial or a good book?

 I already followed the upgrading wizzard, but I have more questions, like:

Can I use VBA in the sql server  environment? or is there another scripting facility?

How do I write passthru queries with built in functions ?

I seem to understand that  that is not transferable from msaccesss, what is the  solution in sqlserver environment?

Hope you can give me some good advise!

Thanks in Advance

Onno Knol



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