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Re: [MS_AccessPros] Field in Form being treated a text when it is numeric


Hi John
OK this what I am trying to do
I have the following tables
Cup Rounds
to define appropriate rounds for cups
eg rounds might be R1, R2, R3, QF, SF, F
cup1 might have R1, R2, SF and F
cup2 might have R1, R2, R3, QF, SF and F
when entering a match record I have 2 fields called Cup and Round
Cup does a lookup on table Cups to get the appropriate Cup
Round does a lookup on Cup Rounds based on the value entered in Cup (using a query)
the form does what I expect it to do for the data entry but behaves oddly when I am trying to use it for sorting and filtering as I have previously described
I have seen many times how lookups are a bad idea but don't really see why.
How would you advise me to code what I am wanting without using lookups?

On Tuesday, 15 November 2016, 17:08, "John Viescas [MS_Access_Professionals]" <> wrote:


It sounds like you've defined a field with the Lookup data type - that's a really bad idea as evidenced by your confusion.

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On Nov 15, 2016, at 5:40 PM, Phil Knowles [MS_Access_Professionals] <> wrote:

ok that will be fine but even though some records have values for this field they do not appear in the list to select and filter by and if I choose one of the sort options I would expect the records with values to appear at either the top or bottom but they don't appear at all
yet if I select the records that I know contain the values in this field (by filtering on another field) I can see the values in the field quite clearly 

On Tuesday, 15 November 2016, 16:29, "Phil Knowles [MS_Access_Professionals]" <> wrote:

Hi John
It is a new field and I have only  put values in this field for a few records.
It is a field though that gets its numeric value via a query and in fact displays the related description for that value rather than the numeric value itself - is that why it is confused?

On Tuesday, 15 November 2016, 15:43, "Phil Knowles [MS_Access_Professionals]" <> wrote:

I am using a form in datasheet mode and one o the fields is numeric.
normally if I select the box at the top of a text field it says 
sort a to z 
sort z to a
text filters 
then it gives me a list of all the values that are contained in that field with a check box to be able to select and filter
if I do the same for a numeric field it says
sort smallest to largest
sort largest to smallest
number filters
then it gives me a similar list to above
I have a field that is numeric and contains integers
but when I select the box at the top it displays the text version of events and doesn't give me a list of values 
any ideas why?


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