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RE: [MS_AccessPros] Email code question to display on screen before sending


What does the SendKeys "%{s}", True  line do? If it is sending the mail then if you comment it out it will stop at .display and you user can review it and press the send button.


Bob Peterson



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Hello all


I just put some code on forms that allows the users to send an email to me and my director if the users have an issue, a request for enhancements or questions for a specific database. But the email sends so fast that the users do not have the ability to type their request or issue. It just sends.

How do show the email message on the screen?


My code is below. I know I need to change or add one thing.


Thank You


Jim Wagner




Private Sub cmdEmailDataManagementServices_Click()






Set objol = New Outlook.Application


Set objmail = objol.CreateItem(olMailItem)


With objmail


.To = "xxxxxxxxxx"


.CC = "xxxxxxxxxxx"


.Subject = "Requesting help for the Agency/Org Database"


.Body = "Database found at P:\BUDGETING_FINANCE\FORMS AND POLICIES\Business Operations Documents" _


& vbCrLf & vbCrLf & _


" Please assist with the following issue.... "






.NoAging = True




End With


Set objmail = Nothing


Set objol = Nothing


SendKeys "%{s}", True




End Sub




Posted by: Robert Peterson <bob@alternatefinishing.com>
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