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RE: [MS_AccessPros] RANKING


I used a subquery to return the rank. The subquery uses a copy of the same table and simply counts the number of records in the copy where the score <= the score in the original table.
You could also use DCount() but that would be much less efficient:
SELECT tblAde.StudentName, tblAde.Score, DCount("*", "tblAde", "Score <=" & Score  ) AS Rank
FROM tblAde;

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I am very interested in your solution as it may be helpful to me also, but I don't understand it.
How does the "FROM tblAde A WHERE A.Score <= tblAde.Score" part work?
Dave W
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The typical method using SQL like:
SELECT tblAde.StudentName, tblAde.Score, (SELECT COUNT(*)  FROM tblAde A WHERE A.Score <=tblAde.Score  ) AS Rank
FROM tblAde;

This doesn't account for your using ".5" for ties. Before working on any type of solution for this, we would need to know what this would like like if there is a 3-way tie or even more.

Duane Hookom, MVP
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