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[MS_AccessPros] Insert Statement


Hello all,

I have an insert statement in vba that allows me to log when a couple of buttons are clicked and some other information related to it. I was thinking of adding one more function to the insert statement. I want to add the users logged name from a text box I have on a form. the name of the text box is txtUser and the On form load is the following to populate the txtUser control

Private Sub Form_Load()
Me.txtUser = Environ("UserName")
End Sub

Currently the code is

CurrentDb.Execute "INSERT INTO tblTransferDate (TransferDate, ButtonClicked, FinalObject) " & _
   "Values(Date() + Time(), 'cmdAddEmployee', 'Add New Record')", dbFailOnError

But I would like to add the value from the txtUser control but I cannot find a way to add the control. I get an error when I try the below code. Run-time error 3061 too few parameters. Expected 1

CurrentDb.Execute "INSERT INTO tblTransferDate (TransferDate, ButtonClicked, FinalObject, UserLoggedIn) " & _
   "Values(Date() + Time(), 'cmdAddEmployee', 'Add New Record', Me.txtUser.value)", dbFailOnError

How do I add that text control to the insert statement.

Thank You Very Much

Jim Wagner


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