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Re: [MS_AccessPros] Pulling two different names in one query


Add a second copy of tbl_People:

FROM (tbl_people As Claimant INNER JOIN tbl_mediation_log 
  ON Claimaint.PeopleID = tbl_mediation_log.Claimant_Petitioner_Name_ID)
INNER JOIN tbl_People AS Respondent
  ON Respondent.PeopleID = tbl_mediation_log.RespondentID

Note that I gave each copy of tbl_people an alias name so that you can tell which is which.

BTW, in your list of fields below, you say it's ClaimantID, but you use Claimant_Petitioner_Name_ID in your SQL.  Have no clue what is the actual name for "RespondentID" in tbl_Mediation_log.

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On Apr 28, 2016, at 7:42 AM, dbalorenzini@yahoo.com [MS_Access_Professionals] <MS_Access_Professionals@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

I have the following tables:


peopleID   PK




PeopleType = Claimant or Respondent


MediationLogID  PK


ClaimantID - Should link to tbl_People with PeopleType of Claimant

RespondentID- Should link to tbl_People with PeopleType of Responent


Case Note

I started on a query to try and pull it out:

SELECT tbl_mediation_log.MediationLog_ID, tbl_mediation_log.Case_Number, IIf(IsNull([tbl_People].[MiddleName]),[tbl_People].[LastName] & ", " & [tbl_People].[FirstName],[tbl_People].[LastName] & ", " & [tbl_People].[FirstName] & " " & [tbl_People].[MiddleName]) AS cClaimantName, tbl_people.Salutation, tbl_people.FirstName, tbl_people.MiddleName, tbl_people.LastName, tbl_people.Suffix, tbl_mediation_log.Claimant_Petitioner_Name_ID, tbl_mediation_log.Respondent_Name_ID, tbl_mediation_log.Case_Summary, tbl_mediation_log.Facts, tbl_mediation_log.Claimant_Case, tbl_mediation_log.Respondent_Case, tbl_mediation_log.TERO_Ordinance, tbl_mediation_log.Applicable_TERO_Ordinance, tbl_mediation_log.Remarks, tbl_mediation_log.Decision, tbl_mediation_log.Stipulated_Res_Claimant_flag, tbl_mediation_log.Stipulated_Res_Respondent_flag, tbl_mediation_log.CaseDate
FROM tbl_people INNER JOIN tbl_mediation_log ON tbl_people.PeopleID = tbl_mediation_log.Claimant_Petitioner_Name_ID;

I need to add this in:

]),[tbl_People].[LastName] & ", " & [tbl_People].[FirstName],[tbl_People].[LastName] & ", " & [tbl_People].[FirstName] & " " & [tbl_People].[MiddleName]) AS cRespondentName

But I need to pull the correct person out of the tbl_people.

Any ideas or even doable.

Thank you, 

Art Lorenzini

Sioux Falls, SD


Posted by: John Viescas <johnv@msn.com>
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