Selasa, 19 April 2016

[MS_AccessPros] Subform not adding linked field


"The LinkMasterFields property setting has produced this error: 'Method or data member not found'"

Why am I getting this error?

The main and subform are linked by the field TopParent. The main form's recordsource is a query with the sql:

SELECT tblBillerAssign.CustomerNumber, tblBillerList.ClientID, tblBillerList.ClientName, tblBillerAssign.Specialist AS SpecAging, tblBillerAssign.SalesOwner, tblParentList.TopParent, tblParentList_1.ParentName, tblParentList_1.SID, tblSalesRep.SalesRep, tblSalesRep.Specialist, tblKeyAccts.Specialist AS KeySpec
FROM tblBillerAssign INNER JOIN ((((tblBillerList INNER JOIN tblParentList ON tblBillerList.ParentID = tblParentList.ParentID) INNER JOIN tblParentList AS tblParentList_1 ON tblParentList.TopParent = tblParentList_1.ParentID) LEFT JOIN tblKeyAccts ON tblParentList_1.ParentID = tblKeyAccts.ParentID) INNER JOIN tblSalesRep ON tblParentList_1.SID = tblSalesRep.SID) ON tblBillerAssign.BillerID = tblBillerList.ClientID;

The subform's recordsource is a query with the sql:

SELECT tblUpdateNotesParent.*
FROM tblUpdateNotesParent
ORDER BY tblUpdateNotesParent.TopParent, tblUpdateNotesParent.UpdateDate DESC , tblUpdateNotesParent.UpdateNo DESC;

TopParent is a field in tblUpdateNotesParent, though not the key field.

Please help



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