Selasa, 05 April 2016

[MS_AccessPros] query: how do I this, please help


I have a file [a/r trans]. I  counting RT (round trip) and OW (one way), based on a start-end date range.

My query works fine, however there is an 'amount' column in [a/r trans], if it is negative then I need to deduct from RT and OW respectively.

This is my query:

SELECT Month([end date]) AS emonth, [a/r trans]!private AS private1, Format([end date],"mmmm yyyy") AS [month], nz([a/r trans].insrcd,"") AS insrcd, [a/r trans].cp AS transp, Sum([a/r trans].[days attended]) AS days, [a/r trans].type, IIf(([a/r trans].cp>10 And [a/r trans].type="I"),Sum([a/r trans]![end date]-[a/r trans]![start date]+1)) AS rt, IIf(([a/r trans].cp>0 And [a/r trans].cp<11 And [a/r trans].type="I"),Sum(([a/r trans]![end date]-[a/r trans]![start date]+1))) AS ow

FROM [a/r trans]

WHERE ((([a/r trans].[start date]) Between [Forms]![ar yearly]![pid from] And [Forms]![ar yearly]![pid to]) AND (([a/r trans].cp)>0) AND (([a/r trans].type)="I") AND (([a/r trans].amount)<>0))

GROUP BY Month([end date]), [a/r trans]!private, Format([end date],"mmmm yyyy"), [a/r trans].cp, [a/r trans].type, [a/r trans].insrcd

ORDER BY Month([end date]), [a/r trans].insrcd, [a/r trans].cp, [a/r trans].type;

Thanks for all your help in advance



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