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We're running access databases on our terminal server.  We have a Windows Lynx 10 tablet, which wifis to the server. We have a Motorola CS3070 which connects via bluetooth to the tablet. So we can zap a bar code in the warehouse and it enters the bar code number directly into our search form on the database, which then brings up details, so we can update stock etc
Initially we used a remote pc/ get me in type program to connect the tablet to our server, but we've upgraded the whole system to terminal server, so use that.
CS3070 is not much bigger than a car key fob & only zaps bar codes (can store a list if in certain mode, (but we've not used it that way, we need all the data to be live), but costs more than the tablet (tablet ~£140, scanner £180)!
Hope that helps.

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Good luck Doyce,

since the days I was playing with handheld devices such as the ones you are thinking of, the market has changed quite a bit as there are a lot of Android based devices out there now. Also, I searched for the Symbol Handhelds we had used and ended up at Zebra. I also saw that the same devices were labeled Symbol and/or Motorola so there seems to have been some consolidation in the market whilst producing a boom of device types.

One thing I saw was that the suppliers have extended the range of software interfaces they provide and with many people being in the same situation as you are, I would be pretty certain that you'd find a solution available requiring little or no progamming skills, which would get you started. Zebra seem to supply a solution which turns legacy systems into web based screens which their devices can then pump the data into.

I don't know your environment so I can't make any recommendations or judgements of suitability. I suspect that if you are using a laptop now, having the thing ruggedised is not a necessity and thinking of the price... a laptop is probably a good deal cheaper than one of these custom handheld devices nowadays so why change a running system?



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