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[MS_AccessPros] Re: Order question in query.



I'm not understanding what you mean by "they should stick together". The sort order should still work even though the group code is a little longer. 

What results are you getting now and what is your query?

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Dear All,

Is the possible to get this done by query?

Checkin        GroupCode
2016-May-01    abc001-A
2016-May-05    abc001-B
2016-May-08    abc001-C
2016-May-02    def002
2016-May-03    def003

I want the check in to be the first order, and BroupCode the second order. But If the group code has the same prefix (e.g. abc001), then they should stick to one another. Is that possible? Or is there's any other way to make the outcome look like this? Thanks in advance.

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