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Re: [MS_AccessPros] Access to Outlook (365) email won't send, but only for some


Nah, that won't work.  MSDN says that is a Read Only property.

What are you actually putting in the SendOnBehalfOf property?  Looks like you modified your code for posting.  Perhaps that's not a valid email address on the two problem machines.

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On Mar 1, 2016, at 6:51 PM, [MS_Access_Professionals] <> wrote:

There is no "from" in the intellitype list.  I put in SentOnBehalfOf and it started populating the "from" line, I saw a few other options that could be the "from" field but after I used SentOnBehalfOf it was populating what I wanted so I just moved on.  Should i try SenderEmailAddress?  I never noticed that one until now, but like i said it worked for years with SendOnBehalfOf

Yes when they delete out the "from" line and type the same address back in, it works (although I was just told a few minutes ago that stopped working for 1 of the 2 people, so now there are 3 different things happening to 4 people using the exact same db :/


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