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Thanks Bill.  I'll keep this link.  We do have SQL Servers and I'm pulling data readonly so I think they could do it.  It's just been a bane because I develop supplemental systems outside of the corporate domain and although the work I do is valuable, it's a thorn in the paw with corporate IT and I understand.  They are a skeletal crew and don't like things to get out of hand, but man – I'm just trying to do the work that needs to get done.   – and enjoying it I might add.  J


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SQL Express can be installed on a server. Does the company have SQL Server installed. It would be child's play to upsize your Access database to SQL Server. Licensing is based on the number of instances. Adding a database to an existing instance wouldn't cost anything but disk space.


There is an excellent MS tool called SQL Server Migration Assistant that can take an Access db and create a SQL database out of it. https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh313039%28v=sql.110%29.aspx?f=255&MSPPError=-2147217396




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I just brought it up again and they are going to re-address the issue. 


I have SQL Server tools and dev stuff installed, just no access to a server where I could have my users have their back ends linked.   They couldn't certainly link to a file residing on my hard drive could they?  Not through Citrix…?  That seems like a whole other slew of issues.


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Maybe they will let you use SQL Express. Technically, that is a free desktop engine so it isn't as powerful as SQL Standard, but it still has most of the features which means more security and better backups. Something you might want to run by the IT powers that be.



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Ah thanks Bill.  I did not know that the locking file still kept the users names until the locking file was killed.  Interesting.


I sure wish my company would be more cooperative and give me an sql server.  I almost had it and they tossed the job around like a hot potato that finally got dropped and said nobody was responsible for it.  Being shadow IT is super challenging sometimes.


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255 (or maybe it's 256) is the maximum number of connections that the locking file can handle. If I connect and then Joe connects and then I close out the locking file still shows me as connected until the locking file is killed. So you can see how the connections can quickly hit the max. When I design an application I'll use an Access back end if I have 30 or less concurrent users. Any more than that and I switch to a SQL back end. You can have thousands of concurrent users in SQL...not that I've ever had THAT big of an audience. I think my biggest is around 150.



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Pros, I have multiple users linking to the same back end database from different local front ends.

Is the max 255 for v 2010?




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