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[MS_AccessPros] Type mismatch error running reports with conditionally formatted fields


Hello all,

I have a database consisting of an Access 2003 front end with a SQL 2008 back end (actually our ERP database), used to print factory production orders.  The database form allows users to print single orders or a range of orders based on a planner code, a simple numerical range, or a combination of these.  

Recently, I have modified the reports to print a bar code to allow orders to be received using a scanner tool.  Per user requests, I am modifying the orders again to allow the bar code to appear in an alternate location for orders with a certain commodity or flow code which should not be received immediately.  To accomplish this, I decided to print the bar code field twice, and use conditional formatting on both fields.  Here's the criterion expression I'm using for the conditional formatting:

Expression is [COMCDE_01] like "*Z*"

In the primary location, the conditional formatting is set so that the font color changes from black to white when this expression is triggered.  In the alternate location, I use the same expression, but have the colors reversed.

When I use this for the report with single orders, it works correctly.  However, when I use this formatting in other reports with the other selection criteria mentioned in the beginning, I get a "Run-time error 13 - type mismatch."  When I look at the vb debugger, the error indicates a problem with a image control used on the reports (I will upload a Word document with screenshots). In the past, has indicated an order for a part that is  missing a bitmap drawing, but none of the parts in my range of test orders is missing a drawing.  I wonder what could be causing this.

I also have PDF samples of what the two bar code variations should look like if anyone thinks it might help.

Thanks in advance,



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