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RE: [MS_AccessPros] FW: One Drive


Thanks, that makes sense.




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In addition to what John said, another issue is that your OneDrive files are synced locally and the OneDrive app sends local the file to the cloud as it changes. So effectively, the last person to write to the back-end would have their copy overwrite the cloud copy - thus only their changes would make it "up".







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Currently I only do this while developing which is why it is only one computer at a time.  I have not tried it with multiple users.


Thanks for the information.







I suspect you didn't get an answer because those of us who are familiar with building Access applications over a network can't imagine that you can do that successfully over the web unless you use the 2013 web apps.  It sounds like you're thinking about building a "desktop" database in the classic style with linked tables.  I have no clue how you would build the links to a back end in the "cloud."  And it's not surprising that only one user can open the database at a time if it's in the cloud.  Access needs a full update lock on a database, so in the cloud, the first user probably locks everyone else out.


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I am sending this out again just in case it was missed.


I have a few Access databases in the cloud.  One on Microsoft One Drive and one on google drive that I am building for someone else.


I can work on any of them from multiple computers but I do it only one computer at a time.  The front end and back end are in the same database.  What would be the problem with putting a multi-user database on the cloud and having multiple people log in at one time?


Is it possible to have the front endo on my computer and the back end in the cloud?


I think I have seen discussion on this but I can’t remember the problems?





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