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RE: [MS_AccessPros] FW: One Drive


I don’t think it would work having the front end local and the back end on the One Drive.


I know when you open a file like a Word Doc or Excel file that is on One Drive it copies down to the local One Drive folder before opening then marks it to be synchronized to the on-line storage when you save and close it.


Following this logic the local front end would open the local back end (as long as they are marked as synchronized) then when you end your session it would synchronize to the on-line folder. If another user made changes in the meantime I don’t think it would be smart enough to integrate all the changes from different users to the on-line version. Corruption of the data is just waiting to happen.




Bob Peterson


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I am sending this out again just in case it was missed.


I have a few Access databases in the cloud.  One on Microsoft One Drive and one on google drive that I am building for someone else.


I can work on any of them from multiple computers but I do it only one computer at a time.  The front end and back end are in the same database.  What would be the problem with putting a multi-user database on the cloud and having multiple people log in at one time?


Is it possible to have the front endo on my computer and the back end in the cloud?


I think I have seen discussion on this but I can’t remember the problems?





Access 2013



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