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Re: [MS_AccessPros] Can't find the parameter



There is a free add-in called V-Tools that can do a deep search for just about anything: fields, controls, code, etc. You can download it at http://www.skrol29.com/us/vtools.php 

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I found it, just poking around due to desperation.  It was part of a query behind a combo box.


Thanks for the tip.






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Try opening the form in Design view, changing the Record Source to something else (doesn't matter what), then changing it back.  That will refresh the form field properties.


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I have Access 2013 database that tracks customers and creates invoices.  The person I am designing this database for wants the State information in the address to be a combo box.  So I have been converting the forms.  Now I have a problem.   When I open one of my forms I get a box that asks for the parameter for   t_Organizations.orgSt   .  This is the old State field prior to converting it to a combo box.


In the table  t_organizations  I have deleted the field called   orgSt.


In the query for the form there is no such field.


I can't figure out where the form is calling for    t_Organizations.orgSt


Is there any way to do a database search for an item like this?


Thanks for all your help.



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