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Sorry John, I was sure I included previous messages. There is only one table, tblCars.  That table contains Car Name, Car Number, Type, and Length. I want to be able to return a number based on the car name I choose from CarName. Since there are multiple car names I want to filter the CarName so I can pick a particular CarNumber.  That will show up in a report listing, say, 20-30 car names with appropriate car numbers.  10 of those names may be, for example, ATSF, each will a unique CarNumber.  I'll try setting up the bound column again.


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You REALLY need to include the previous messages.  When you reply on the web, you MUST click the Show Message History link in the bottom of the reply box.  It's very difficult to remember what we've been talking about when you don't do that.  I've copied and pasted some of the replies below.

You need to set the Row Source for cmbCarNumber to a query that returns both the Car Number and whatever it is you want to display.  If Car Number is in the first column, set Bound Column to 1 to make that the value of the combo box.

But keep in mind that your query for the second combo is filtering on Car Name:

WHERE (((tblCars.CarName)=[Forms]![frmCars]![cmbCarNumber].[Value]))

Are you sure you want to return a number or a name?  What is the field layout of the two tables, and how are the tables related?

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I'm not sure how to set up the cmbCarNumber so that its Bound Col. is the Car Number.



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