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[MS_AccessPros] Checklists with a twist 2 - multiple unrelated checklists


This is the second of my two checklist questions, post as separate topics.

In this topic, I have multiple checklists. However, unlike models that I've found on the web, these checklists are unrelated. By that I mean that client A, needs project type X done; client B, needs project type Y done; client A later needs project type Z done. I'm looking for a way to manage them all in a single place, to be able to, for example, get status and stats by service rep, client, and project type. I'm looking for feedback on my approach, and/or advice on a better one.

Assume the standard checklist vertical structure: tblChecklistMaster (key ChecklistID), tblChecklistTasks (TaskID), tblChecklistData (ChecklistID, TaskID). When a new project is added to tblChecklistMaster, the tasks are copied from tblChecklistTasks to tblChecklistData.

My idea is to add a table tblChecklistTypes (TypeID). This field would also be in tblChecklistMaster and tblChesklistTypes. Tasks in tblChesklistTypes would only be associated with a single TypeID. When a new project is added, the checklist type would be selected (in addition to customer info). Then, only those tasks with the selected TypeID would be added to tblChecklistData.

What are your thoughts to this approach?


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